Sunday, March 8, 2009

Momma's Hip Hop Kitchen is the Future of Feminism! And It's Bright!

Imagine: Over five hundred people, ninety percent of them people of color, at a feminist gathering in the heart of the South Bronx

Imagine: A crowd that includes at least two hundred high school students shouting, chanting and raising fists to cheer performers celebrating women's power, creativity, and resistance to sexual violence and assault

Imagine: Over fifty brilliant performers ranging in age from 11 to 70 plus, some in groups, some solo,celebrating traditions ranging from Bomba and slam poetry to hip hop lyricism and dance, inspired by a sound track created by two slammin women DJ's

Imagine: Lyrics and beats and movements that transform hip hop, into a prophetic discourse of women's empowerment, creating art of such poweras to make much what we hear on the radio and see on MTV and BETseem pathetic as well as destructive

Imagine: Women of all sizes and shapes and colors, speaking many languages, affirming their diverse sexualities and the beauty of their bodies, rendering commercially disseminated standards of beauty irrelevant, an atavistic legacy of a time when greed and consumerism smothered the human capacity to love and the spirit within

THAT was what was happening yesterday between 2 PM and 5 PM at Hostos College at Momma's Hip Hop Kitchen

As I sat there, I thought to myself that my wife Liz, who has been a feminist since I met her, and the members of her socialist feminist study group, which has been in existence for nearly 30 years, needed to see this, along with the faculty of every women's studies program in New York city
This is what our feminist founding mothers fought for. This is their legacy reinvented for a new day.
I have seen the future and it's Momma's Hip Hop Kitchen!

A Big Shout Our to Lah Tere of Rebel Diaz, Kathleen Adams , Patty Dukes and all the others who worked so hard to make this possible!

Y'all made history yesterday afternoon and I was so glad I was there to see it


Mark Naison/Notorious Phd

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