Tuesday, October 16, 2012

If You Can Tell A Nation's Character by Its Schools

"The picture I am getting of the atmosphere in American schools is pretty chilling, especially in high poverty districts. Students being drugged, whether diagnosed with ADHD or not, so they can sit still in class(Georgia); students being forced to carry microchips so their movements can be followed(Texas); parents being arrested or have their children sent to child protective services for excessive truancy( Nebraska) Special needs children forced to sit through and take tests that are developmentally inappropriate (all over the country); Gym, recess, and after school recreation programs turned into test prep ( all over the country). Teachers taking medication for stress because they are terrorized by school officials and fear losing their jobs ( all over the country). THIS is the great success story of Education Reform in the United States? If you can tell a lot about a nation's character by what is going on it its schools, this is a very sad commentary about the United States of America."


Unknown said...

This is a scary situation, for everyone. What is even more thought provoking is the fact that our schools need more than reform. I believe that our school systems need a drastic rethinking. We have really done a fantastic job at taking the joy out of our greatest trait...the ability to learn. We have complicated childhood.

Robert Rendo said...


my name is robert rendo, and i am a public school teacher. is there any way to contact the writer of this blog via e-mail? i like the site a lot. my e-mail is artwork88@aol.com