Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why NY Principals Founder Carol Burris sees the Ball/Zeldin Bill in the NY State Legislature as a Step Forward:

It is the closest thing to a true moratorium that I have seen and it will strike a huge blow against standardized testing and evaluating teachers by test scores. Here is why.

It BANS the use of state tests for retention, placement, gifted programs...everything but AIS. That means that it will make it much easier for opt out and it will protect students.
The tests have to be made public, which will drive Pearson crazy and run up their costs.
It reduces testing times back to 2010 levels and forces a lowering of the proficiency cut scores to what should be 2010 levels as well.

Regarding APPR
VAM and growth scores go away. Remember, they are becoming 25% this year!
State tests can't be used for teacher evals.
Locals become 40%. (which were becoming 15% this year) That is huge. Local measures are subject to negotiations so there is control and they are reasonable. Most Local measures are benign. 
Best of all cut for IE drops to 55. Now, test scores cannot trump all. It also fixes the problems with the bands whereby teachers can be ineffective without any ineffective ratings. It also calls for a committee of professionals to examine APPR.
Would I love for it to go away? You bet. This is a big improvement