Monday, April 21, 2014

Join "Heal for America!" Coming to Your Campus This Spring!

It's time to announce the amazing new program " Heal for America" coming from the folks who brought you TFA. Starting this spring, recruiters for HFA are going to be scouring the nation's top colleges for brilliant, idealistic students who are willing to go through a rigorous five week summer program to prepare them to be doctors in inner city health clinics starting September. Mayors and Governors are incredibly excited about this new program to bridge "The Health Gap!" and the Gates Foundation has given it a 20 million dollar grant. These HFA Corps members will practice the kind of "No Excuses Medicine" that has been all too lacking in health clinics in America's neediest neighborhoods. And with a two year commitment, HFA Corps members can make an contribution to reducing health disparities and then move on to less challenging and stressful careers,