Monday, June 2, 2014

What We Have Lived Through in Education in NYC the Last 7 Years Thanks to Bloomberg and Obama.

We in New York City have been in an uphill battle to defend public schools from a fierce attack, first by the Bloomberg Administration, then from the Obama Administration for more than 7 years. It began with giving letter grades to schools based largely on student test scores (2007), then to the closing of allegedly failing schools, also based on test scores ( 168 have been closed at latest count); then the pushing of thousands of teachers out of their jobs ( into the status of ATR's); then blatant favoritism to charter schools, which were often co-located in public schools and given prime space at public school's expense; then the public rating of teachers on the basis of student test scores-- ALL of which happened before Common Core descended on New York State. There was NO protest against this anywhere outside of New York City ( and other cities outside Buffalo and Albany) until the APPR was rammed through the legislature, along with Common Core aligned tests and the rest of the state began watching their children tortured the way children were in NY's poorer neighborhoods for YEARS,(poor children were disproportionately victimized by the above policies. Given that, I tend to resent anyone who has not lived the realities I described above telling us  who have been fighting these policies for 7 plus years how to vote!


Maria May said...

not just Obama and Bloomberg, but also Cuomo

Maria May said...
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Unknown said...

Agreed. The Bloomberg Administration was disastrous to our schools. There were many who spoke out and stood up against the policy of not only closing so many schools but the setting them up for failure. NYC Councilman Charles Barron was one of those courageous people. While I may not agree with many of Barron's beliefs, I loved the way he fought for our schools. Here are a few videos of Charles Barron from 2009 talking about how the people at tweed were "getting on his last nerve":


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