Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bronx Teacher Pamela Lewis Speaks of The Responsibility of Hip Hop Artists and Executives

I am tired of execs who care more about their dollar than their people who allow rap music that completely denigrates not just women, but perpetuates stereotypes of blackness. Being from the hood is different than being "hood," and many of these rappers glorify being hood as if certain behaviors are actually the right way to be than the wrong. It's regression to the fullest, as we attempt to teach our students to move forward. And as much as I have empathy for our struggling parents, who are victims themselves of poverty's vicious cycle, I don't understand how there is zero accountability. Sometimes I feel like it's a conspiracy to keep us down. Like the powers that be don't actually want our parents to become stronger parents. Finally, with all that is up against us teachers trying to fight the good fight, I am SICK of catty bitches that make a mockery of this "woman" profession. I think about how many men view teaching as yet another place populated by women, thereby undermining the work that we do, and to have to listen to some of the crap that so many women teachers are guilty of spewing, makes me cringe because they too perpetuate this idea that teaching isn't a true profession but instead a place to drink coffee and gossip. When I see teachers like this, I think they don't care about the students they teach, and often times, they are not just non TOC but black and Latino, which infuriates me. How can you be bothered with spreading rumors and hating on fellow women when your own people, your own children are struggling to read? I left a school because they were more concerned with trying to make other teachers miserable than actually teaching. I don't think this level of blatant reckless behavior happens in white public schools as frequently as it occurs in the hood.