Sunday, April 12, 2015

What Happens When You Equate Testing With "Civil Rights"

Is it "Civil Rights", when an obsessive emphasis on Testing:

** Leads to closings of hundreds of inner city schools
** Results in firing of thousands of teachers of color
** Produces 20 year jail sentences for Black teachers who "cheat on tests"
** Leads charter schools to intimidate students so much they pee on themselves
** Forces schools in low income communities to use recess and gym for test prep
** Inspires favoritism to schools who have right to expel low performing students

And what has been the result?

** No reduction of test disparities based on race and class
** No improvement in US global standing in educational performance
** Destabilization of neighborhoods where schools closings have occured
** Shrinking of Black/Latino middle class due to teacher firings
** Huge profits for real estate developers and charter school investors

Maybe it is time to redefine "Civil Rights" or reconsider the value of National Testing