Monday, February 20, 2017

A Worse Donald Trump

During the election campaign, several of the Trump supporters I know told me not to be put off by Mr Trump's rhetoric, that he was at heart a reasonable person and would rise to the occasion and make a good President.
Although i was skeptical of their arguments, they were right in predicting the outcome of the election and I hoped against hope that Mr Trump might try to unify the country once he was President and concentrate on policies, such as job creation and infrastructure development, which had broad appeal..
Unfortunately, their predictions were wrong. Mr Trump has been a more divisive President than he was a candidate, attacking the media even more bitterly than he did during the campaign, picking cabinet members designed to elicit the maximum opposition from those who voted against him, and issuing an executive order on immigrants and refugees that was widely perceived as a direct attack on the nation's Muslims.
There is no new Donald Trump. We have the old Donald Trump on steroids, a thin skinned President determined to shove his policies down the throat of anyone who opposes him, who makes up facts to suit his arguments and who heaps abuse on anyone who dares to challenge him
He has not grown into the job, he has shrunk in stature to become the most hated President in modern history, not only in the US, but around the globe.
I am not sure if he can reverse course. If he doesn't we are entering uncharted territory