Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Shame of Broward County: Calling Police on Teachers Union Officials who Visit Schools

It is utterly astonishing and appalling that principals in the Broward County Florida School District have been calling the police to escort Broward Teachers Union President Anna Fusco and BTU VP Terry Preuss out of their schools when they come to visit and meet with members after school hours! It is this kind of DISRESPECT that is fueling teacher uprisings all over the nation.

And think of the message that this is sending to students. If their teachers and their teachers  representatives are treated this way, what kind of treatment is in store for them if they show signs of independent thinking, or decide to protest some decision by school administration?

What makes all this even worse is that the principal's actions occurred only a few months after the Parkland shootings where students, teachers, and administrators all came together in the face of unspeakable tragedy and Browders  Teachers Union leaders, along with many others, worked 24/7 to comfort the survivors and find the strength to move forward

What just happened in Broward should be the occasion for an outpouring of solidarity by teachers and other persons of good will

 I hope some kind of petition or other form of national action can be created which allows teachers all over the country to weigh in to protest this attack on freedom of expression and the right to organize on behalf of people who are some of our most selfless and courageous public servants.


Richard Skibins said...

They have to elect Democrats and then get rid of "Right-to-work" laws.

Anna Fusco said...

We have collective bargaining and one agreement is to visit school sites with notice. We always give notice, for some strange reason some principals don't feel we should come in to check working conditions and safety conditions. We are not taking this lightly or allowing this to happen again. We have a professional and respectful relationship with our district, at least I thought we did. Our superintendent can make one call to the proper cabinet management personnel to say stop this behavior to our union who is a partner in our schools and community. Our reputation proves we are partners for our students.

Brooklynette said...

I'm glad to hear that Ms Fusco and the teachers union won't back down.Keep up the good work!

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