Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Big Issues in An Increasingly Unequal Society

In the last two years, here are the issues which people have come me to discuss in hope of finding solutions and sparking action
***Adjunct faculty at universities being exploited and forced to live below the poverty line.
***Immigrants being harassed and attacked, not only by ICE, but by police and random people in streets and stores
***Friends dying of heroin overdoses, in places ranging from upstate New York to Ohio to Staten Island
***Public housing being privatized and gentrification raising rents beyond people's capacity to pay
***Testing and computerized learning making schools a hell for students and teachers alike
***Racism, xenophobia, and Islamophobia creating fear among people of color and vulnerable groups.
***Rising co pays and deductibles forcing people to impoverish themselves to get medical care
*** Total inaction on Climate Change even as storms do unprecedented damage in coastal and inland regions
The consensus of those who have come to me is that large number of people are being pushed to the wall while a small number of people get rich
Some people think it is time for an Uprising-- strikes, boycotts, occupations, to spark the implementation of policies which raise wages, lower rents, protect vulnerable groups from harassment, take dramatic action to reduce our dependence on fossil fuel and make schools places where creativity and relationship building are welcome.
NOTE: Of the seven issues identified, only three can be placed primarily at the feet of the Trump Administration

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crewoldt said...

That small number of people gaining wealth and power have no interest in ceding that power to the growing numbers of Americans being pushed to the wall. We are of no consequence as long as we play their game by their rules. Indeed, the only real political power that has ever moved the needle has been the uprising. Even FDR's New Deal was the result of revolt, not benevolence. The very foundations of our nation were built on revolt. Let's not continue to hold out hope for a savior; they stand before us impatiently.