Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Theory About the Penn State Scandal

I have theory about the Penn State Scandal. I think that Joe P and the athletic director knew about Sandusky's awful sexual proclivities well before the rape in the shower, but were afraid to blow the whistle on him because he knew where
" the bodies were buried" in Penn State football- about the illegal inducements football recruits were given to come to Penn States, and the illegal payments ...they were given while playing for the school. These under the table payments-usually given by alumni- have been part of the fabric of big time college football for decades, but attract immediate retaliation from the hypocritical NCAA whenever they are publicly exposed. Given the threat of having seasons forfeited and bowl payments returned if Sandusky "came clean" the Penn State hierarchy chose to remain silent, even at the cost of the creation of new victims. To me, this is yet another example of the deep corruption at the root of big time college sports and yet another reason why college athletes in revenue producing sports should be paid for their services.

Mark Naison
November 10, 2011

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