Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thoughts About the Bloomberg Dictatorship While OWS Is Under Attack

Occupy Wall Street is Under Attack by a huge force while the subways have been closed, along with the Brooklyn Bridge

Here are some key components of the Bloomberg policies that might explain what the Mayor has to take such extreme measure to crush dissent

1. Subsidize luxury housing in Brooklyn and Manhattan and concentrate all afforable housing in the hyper-segregated sections of the Bronx and East New York

2 Undermine public education by closing schools over the opposition of parents students teachers and community members and replace them with charter schools that promote rote learning, obedience and militarized discipline for the children of the poor

3 When when a movement finally arises that challenges the Mayor's plan to turn Manhattan and parts of North Brooklyn into a city for the wealthy of the globe at the expense of the city's working class, middle class and poor who live in the outer boroughs,you close the bridges and subways, bar the press and crush that movement with Riot Police, pepper spray, water hoses.

Not since 9/11 have the police of this city been mobilized to this degree!!!

And for what?

Democracy has been under attack in this city for some time. Now even the illusion of Democracy has been removed

Resist, Resist. Resist

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