Thursday, May 23, 2013

Message To Those Fighting School Closings in Chicago

This morning, I send out Love and Solidarity to my sisters and brothers in Chicago who put their bodies on line to resist the closing of 49 Chicago public schools by Rahm Emmanuel and an unelected School Board- schools overwhelmingly located in the City's Black and Latino neighborhoods. The moral example you have set up speaking truth to power will inspire others to resist the Corporate Education Juggernaut and will be remembered as an historic moment when the utter bankruptcy of the Nation's Education policies were exposed. Dictators normally like their worst deeds to take place under the cover of silence. Your actions have made sure that justice loving people will neither forgive nor forget what was done to Chicago's children and neighborhoods by those who place profit and power over children's well being. If this can be done to Chicago's children, no one's children are safe. Thank you for standing up for all of us. We will carry the fight to our common enemies in every corner of this nation.

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