Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week My ...!!!

Teacher Appreciation Week my ...! In the last ten years the leaders of this country have shown their "appreciation" of teachers by undermining their autonomy, shredding their job security, repeatedly attacking them in the media for being greedy and incompetent, and deluging them with so many tests, assessments and paperwork as to leave them little to actually teach, much less give students individual attention. The result, teacher satisfaction is at the lowest level on record, the average teaching career has plummed to 5 years from 15 20 years ago, and large numbers of teachers are on medication for anxiety and stress and planning to leave the profession. Thank you Bill Gates. Thank you Arne Duncan. Thank you Eli Broad. thank you Jeb Bush, thank you Michelle Rhee and yes, thank you Barack Obama! Great Job!!

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