Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What It Will Take to Defeat Billionaire Supported School Reform

 I will never show the slightest respect for people whose control over Education Policy comes, not from years spent in the classroom, but from their possession of, or access to, great wealth.  I will not defer to them, obey their instructions, nor even give them the benefit of civility. I will treat them as architects of a coup d'etat against   democracy, as profiteers, and worst of all, as abusers of teachers and children.

 Unfortunately, this group now includes the vast majority of those making key decisions about teaching and schools, some of them in official positions, others manipulating policy behind the scenes.  Because the real players in education policy do not hold elected office, those most impacted by them-- teachers, students, and parents, can't count on normal political channels to work. Their best weapons will be the tried and true methods of direct action-- strikes and boycotts- coupled with a national epidemic of test resistance and opting out..

  Exposure matters. Research matters. Blogs and editorials matter. Marches, demonstrations, and rallies matter. But ultimately, the School Reform Juggernaut can only be stopped by actions which bring the machine to a grinding halt. Some of these are have already been set in motion. Others are yet to be developed

Game On!!


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