Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Not All Conservatives Hate Unions and Support School Privatization!

Throw Away Your Stereoptypes-- A Reminder from NY Teacher Patty Dobrasz Munnikheysen that Not All Conservatives Are Advocates of School Privatization!

There are MANY, MANY of us conservatives that are pro-union, anti-core, anti-h
igh stakes tests. We only see varied politics as the cause of CC/high stakes tests AND we see politicians as the ticket to changing things regardless of which party pushes and proposes the change. Key is that there is ignorance on both sides and to we need to counter it with whomever will push our causes. I only see one side here and it is righteousness for kids & teachers...whomever supports our cause I support although I am a conservative at heart. Right is right, wrong is wrong.

Hate charters, ect...drains the life out of public schools, creates more poverty. Hate TFA infecting public schools. I detest uneducated, presumptuous generalizations about education from arm chair quarterbacks- the main source regardless of party affiliation behind the education deform. I should add I am a science teacher of 22 yrs, union member and most importantly a Christian that believes that God has the final word on this. He cares deeply for kids. Micah 6:8 is my war cry and reflects God's heartbeat

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