Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Rich Who Hate Unionized Government Workers

I have rarely met a wealthy person who does not publicly express contempt for unionized public workers- police officers, firefighters, sanitation workers, teachers- and doesn't think they are lazy and over paid. Many blame them for bankrupting government and undermining the dynamism of the American economy. This from people whose salary and compensation often exceeds those they are attacking in multiples of tens. They would like nothing better than to smash government employees unions the way they have unions in the private sector. Anyone who thinks a union free America will be a healthier society need look at how many people once in the middle class have to work harder and longer just to stay out of poverty. And how many people in poverty now have little hope of escaping it. Their vision for America sounds very much like a prescription for creating an Autocratic Society that many people's ancestors came to this country to escape

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margaret7471 said...

Can't forget the people that keep the cities moving day in and day out! For some reason they are also regarded as money designers. Another agency run by people with zero day to day experience. Watch as they disappear from the corners this month,sitting in front of computer screens instead.