Friday, December 11, 2015

An "Affirmative Action" Story to Bring Us Back to Reality

Just a heads up: the number of alumni children (legacies); recruited athletes ( most of whom are white and play non-revenue sports) and students whose parents pay full tuition far outnumber the "under represented minorities" as beneficiaries of Preferential Admissions Policies at top universities. Yet it is only Race Based affirmative action which prompts outrage and lawsuits.
To illustrate this point, let me point to a real life incident when my son Eric was pitching and winning a championship game against Long Island Lutheran
Eric was having a great day on the mound so the first based umpire said to his coach Walter Paller, "that kid is really good. Where is he going to college When Walter said "Yale" the umpire said "Wow, he must be really smart." The Long Island Lutheran first baseman then entered the conversation " Not necessarily," he said. "My friend is dumb as s..t. But she's a great volleyball player so she is going to Yale."
A book by Bowen and Shapiro called "The Game of Life" documents preferential treatment for athletes at top colleges in excruciating detail. As does a book by called "Color and Money" which documents huge preferences for children of the wealthy
Making it seem like admissions preferences for Blacks and Latinos are the only departure from an otherwise meritorcratic admissions system is not only unfair, it is so inaccurate as to be more like a bad joke.
As i tell my white students, you are much more likely to have been "bumped" from admission to Princeton by a white hockey player from New England than a Dominican student from the Bronx.