Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Race To the Top Redux

When the full accounting of the Obama Administration's Race to The Top is made, the following questions will have to be answered
How many schools were closed?
How many great teachers were fired or forced into retirement?
How many teachers still on the job were placed under a doctors care because test based accountability had destroyed their self-confidence
How many communities experienced sharp declines in the number of teachers of color working in their schools?
How many new charter schools were created which were embroiled in controversy because of financial irregularities or abusive practices?
How many lucrative contracts were extended to test companies and consulting firms?
How many students were deprived of recess, physical education and the arts because they were forced to prepare for tests?
How many special needs or ELL students were unable to graduate because requirements were suddenly raised?
How many families with young children were filled with stress because testing had taken over their lives?

The policy was created with hopes of achieving great equity. As the above suggests, the Collateral Damage may have well exceeded the gains