Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Cold Reality Facing Public School Parents

This is the cold reality every public school parent must face.
You love your children. They- and I mean those shaping education policy- don't
They see your children as profit centers, subjects of experiments with software and technology, providers of data points necessary to shape national policy, malleable objects for the pursuit of political ambitions and the shaping of careers in educational consulting and school management..
And that is only now.
In the future, they see your children as the labor force necessary to assure that their children, who almost all attend private school, will not find their elite status challenged or management prerogatives challenged.
Find me a policy maker who loves and cares about your children the way you do.
That is why you are in a war to create and in some cases to defend schools that will treat your children the way you would want them to be treated.