Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Jam for Occupy DOE 2.0- The Battle for Public Schools, from Notorious Phd

Teachers and parents don’t be blue
Its Occupy DOE Number 2
Duncan must have hoped we’d disappear
But we’ve come from all over to bend his ear
From New York ,Virginia, Cali and Mass
We're taking no prisoners
And we're moving fast
Because k-12 testing
just won’t cut it
A young mind needs stirring
tests just shut it
To the best of our teachers
You’ve said “Goodbye M’am”
You don’t make the grade
According to VAM
We'll rate you, assess you
And make your job harder
Your school will be gone
Replaced by a charter
But though teachers are stressed
They surely won't wilt
They’ll fight for their students
Not succumb to test guilt
They’ll stand up for music,
gym, recess and art
For novels and poems
That inspire the heart
We bring to your doorstep
A teachers vision
A curriculum of love

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