Thursday, March 21, 2013

Why Chicago School Closings Are Disastrous

Evil thrives in the crevices of created by opportunism and
indifference. No better example exists than of the disastrous decision
made to close 50 schools in Chicago the vast majority of them serving
African American children.   The greatest impact is on the city's most
wounded neighborhoods, places already traumatized by violence . The
last thing the families in these neighborhoods need s further destabilization
by closing community institutions that in some cases have served these
neighborhoods for decades, and making children  go to school in another
neighborhood where they may not feel safe, while depriving them of teacher mentors they have developed relationships with. Only people who think relationship building between teachers and students is irrelevant could
destroy 50 school communities with the stroke of a pen

Make no mistake about this, this is both a local and a national
tragedy. You cannot blame this on the Republican Party. Or the NRA. Or
the Tea Party. This is an example of a poisonous cynicism that thrives
in the heart of the Barack Obama Democratic party and its liberal, once
radical apologists. Let us see if Michael Eric Dyson, Angela Davis,
Michael Moore, Rachel Maddow etc say a peep about this. It will take
open revolt, non-violent or otherwise, to turn this train around. And
it will come. Probably when people least expect it. Those who defy the
laws of history and morality usually get payback.

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