Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Why I Give School Reformers No Rest

The people who are reshaping public education in the US have limitless money, vast political influence and the virtually unanimous support of mainstream media, and they are creating a creating a catastrophic environment in our public schools with little opposition because they have the money to buy off or silence most critics. Not me. They have nothing they can offer me. Their arrogance and their systematic marginalization of people who have devoted their lives to teaching and learning has won them my undying contempt. I will fight them to my dying breath. But I will fight them not just with rage, but with love- love of learning, love of teaching, and love of changing young people's lives by believing in their agency and creativity. I will do this whether I am part of a group or the last one standing. I don't give in to bullies. I don't suck up to the rich and powerful.

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