Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Why Opting Out Won't Hurt You in College Admissions

Some people  have expressed concern that if their children refuse to take certain standardized tests as a matter of principle, they will forfeit their opportunity to attend a top college. As a college professor at one of the nation's premier liberal arts schools, Fordham College, I actually think the reverse might be true- that standing up for principle and explaining why you did so on your college essay might actually enhance your chances of admission

Here's why. Faculty members at top liberal arts colleges do not adapt their educational philosophy to what is currently in fashion among elected officials or the media. They do not jump when Arne Duncan, John King, Chris Christie or Andrew Cuomo tells them to jump. Many are in disciples which have traditions of self-governance that go back to the 16th Century and they respond very badly when people tell them how they should think or what they should teach. In line with that tradition, they have a special appreciation for students able to think for themselves, and defend unpopular beliefs in a serious and principled way.At the best schools, faculty members like these serve on admissions committees and their voice is determintive. They will, I am confident, assure there will be no discrimination in admissions for young people who Opt Out

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SiouxGeonz said...

You're assuming the students in question want to be admitted to a college that cares about sticking up for values, not monetary values...