Monday, August 19, 2013

Stand up for Michigan


Today BATS show solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Michigan, a state where a particularly harsh recession has provided an excuse for an attack on public education of unmatched viciousness. What has happened to the schools of Detroit and Benton Harbor, where state takeovers have led to skyrocketing classes sizes, elimination of art, music and sports, teacher firings accompanied by the shattering of collective bargaining rights, and the unmonitored invasion of charter schools, some startlingly corrupt, provides a window into where we all may be headed if we don't fight back. Now, the state is discussing adding the huge expense of requiring adherence to Common Core Standards to the already overwhelming burden local school districts face. Please make your voice heard BATS, for the teachers and students of Michigan. In standing up for them, you are standing up for yourselves

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mrs.missalaineus said...

they can't silence all of us.

thank you