Friday, July 24, 2015

Ring A Bell of Mourning Those in "Failing" Schools

As I look to the not so distant future, my heart goes out to the students and teachers in every school that is about to be taken over by the New York State Education Department because it is judged "failing." There are hundreds of such schools around the state, virtually ALL of them in high poverty districts. Their staffs are going to be made scapegoats, while students and families are going to be subjects of experiments in privatization supported by the wealthiest people in the state and the nation. Will no politicians speak out for them? Will not one challenge the false rhetoric of "accountability" that is being used to undermine the principle of community responsibility for education and to snuff out student, teacher and parent voices? THIS is a tragedy marked by shattered careers, trips to therapists, and a powerful lesson being taught to our most vulnerable citizens that their interests only count when powerful people speak for them and use those interests for personal gain.

I ring a bell of mourning for all those in these schools and communities

PS. If this also applies to schools in YOUR state, ring a bell for them too!