Monday, October 10, 2016

Notorious Phd Debate Post Mortem: Hide Your Children-It's Going to be a Wild Ride

Donald Trump at his best in a public forum- which we saw last night- was not enough to turn the tide of the building momentum for Hillary Clinton.
First, his image as a bully was confirmed by his propensity to interrupt Hillary Clinton and the moderators, which he did over and over again. It was also symbolized by his propensity to get up and stand behind Hillary Clinton, almost as if he was trying to intimidate her. These gestures confirm the image he created from the Republican debates, from his persona at rallies, and from the Access Hollywood tapes.
Because of this, Mr Trump made NO HEADWAY in trying to win over college educated women skeptical of his candidacy, and young women voters.
Second, Mr Trump resorted to the demagogues path of hyperbole and insult over and over again, letting repetition substitute for analysis while Ms Clinton made substantive detailed presentations on policy. To wit:
Obamacare = Disaster
Inner Cities = Disaster
NAFTA = Greatest Disaster in American History
Hillary Clinton= She Lies

At times, as when claiming that murder rates rose the fastest in over forty years, his analysis was wildly inaccurate and will not stand up to fact checking
Third, he attacked Barack Obama ("we can't afford four more years of Obama) at a time when he is far more popular in polls than either he or Ms Clinton.
The result: Mr Trump made NO HEADWAY among the following groups of voters he needed to sway to have any chance of winning the election'
College Educated Suburban Women
African American Voters
Latino Voters
Young Voters.
He did assure that all attempts by Republic Leaders to force him to resign were nipped in the bud.
This election is going down to the wire. Hang on to your hats and hide your children
It's going to be a wild ride.

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