Sunday, April 8, 2018

It is OUR Country, Not His

One of the things saving the nation from complete disaster is Donald Trump's short attention span. In any given day, he will be attacking China, Mexico, NFL players, Amazon, CNN, the Mayor of London, Muslim immigrants, Robert Mueller, the Governor of California, sanctuary cities, even his own Attorney General. He flits from one bout of Twitter Rage to another, rarely introducing legislation to back up his tantrums. It is exhausting and infuriating, but I have concluded that this President is best described by a quote from Shakespeare.
"Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."
He is a gangster, a bully and a serial philanderer who rose to power by using racism and xenophobia to unite one group of Americans against the rest, but we are learning that the damage he is inflicting can be contained if we organized and stand up for the things we believe.
I am angry that he is President, but am determined to keep his provocations and policies from corrupting and polluting the many communities I am part of.
It is a lot of hard work, but it has been successful thus far. It is OUR country, not his.


Paula Meyer said...

But he does signify something, not directly, but backhandedly, and we can see it in the rash of meanness, violence and chaos spreading across the country (and the destructive legislation coming out of the Congress). The presuppositions in utterances are often more effectively manipulative than the utterances themselves.

Dave Gerber said...

Thus, we have seemingly normal men and women, who when at work, are numbed to common sense. grade my essay about it!