Saturday, April 21, 2018

Why I Am So Dangerous

When it comes to transforming this country, I am much more dangerous than George Soros, even the George Soros of Fox News imagination! That George is transforming it from without; I am transforming it from within. And doing it in the most insidious way—by getting young people to question the racism and xenophobia they were exposed to in their families and communities and allowing them to imagine a different way of thinking and living. Not only have I been doing this for fifty years, but the thousands of students I have influenced, many who have become teachers themselves, have found their own ways of advancing this mission.
So while you are worrying about George bribing people to protest , you need to start worrying about me and people like me influencing the next generation. We are everywhere; not only in schools and universities, but in town councils and legislatures, in the media, in non-profits, businesses and government agencies.
And we don’t need to bribe anyone to convince them the country needs changing. Our weapons are information, discussion and a moral framework that elevates love and compassion over hatred and fear.
Good luck trying to silence us. History is on our side

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