Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Five Arguments to Make To New Teach for America Recruits

1 An organization which brags about how its Corps members have successful careers in investment banking after they leave teaching and actally have a formal relationship with JP Morgan to facilitate that is deeply problematical. 

2. An organization which takes huge amounts of money from the Walton Foundation which is committed to privatizing public education needs to stop promoting itself as a force for equity

 3. An organization which tells its Corps members to avoid socializing with veteran teachers or eating in the Teachers cafeteria is sending a very negative message.

4. An organization which has a five week training period and then sends its Corps members into the most challenging classrooms in the nation's poorest neighborhoods  is on dangerous ground

5. An organization which agrees to have its Corps members as replacement labor after veteran teachers have been fired has no only relinquished the moral high ground, it has become immoral.

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