Thursday, July 18, 2013

Why People Love the Badass Teachers Association!

  Why People Love the BATS!
So excited by the  response to  The Badass Teachers Association at the fundraiser for an anti-testing candidate for NY Mayor, Bill De Blasio. It is hard to put in words how much people I met there, most of them teachers, and activist parents, LOVE the idea that a group like this exists!!! It gave them hope that they had allies in the incredibly uphill battle we face in NY not only against the Bloomberg Department of Education, but against the concentrated power of the city's financial elite who want the school closings, charter co-locations, and test based teacher and school evaluations to continue. Our power lies precisely in the fact that we are 22,000 LOOSE CANNONS who cannot be bribed or intimidated or bought, and will not necessarily be polite and civil in getting our points across. Diane Ravitch told me the same thing. The movement needs a large wing of activists who are perceived as crazy and unpredictable and the BATS are that group. Now we have to prove it in action. Are you down with this? Time for BAT Visits! Time for BAT Power! No Justice, No Peace!

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