Tuesday, July 2, 2013

While Chicago's Philip Arnold is a "Badass Teacher!"

Badass or Badapple?

Reading through my newsfeed (Yes, I actually enjoy ALL the posts from this group and the state groups I am a member of) and I have a couple of observations I would like to address.

1. This is the Badass Teachers' Association. This is not a group for the weak minded, soft hearted, corporate reform driven personality. This is more than a "group". This is a group of "teachers", badass teachers. We are here because we are BADASS. We are badass because we care too much to remain silent and sit idly by while corporations profit off the prescribed "reforms" of the political arena. We are badass because we refuse to be bullied any longer by those who feel that their political affiliations and over stuffed pocket books entitle them to be the decision makers for OUR PROFESSION.

2. We will not always agree about the proper path to take or the correct words to use, but we all agree that we must SAVE OUR SCHOOLS. The name isn't going to change, and it shouldn't. We are the Badass Teacher's Association because we choose to rock the boat, and this name is getting attention. Argue as you will the kind of attention, but attention is attention and we must continue to draw that attention to our cause. No one is forcing you to be a member. If you are not badass, then you should probably move on. No one is forcing you to agree or disagree with any particular stance. Discuss valid solutions to the "dirty trick" reforms and be a part of the change this cause is seeking, or form your own group with your own agenda and candy coat what you wish.

I AM A BADASS TEACHER! I am proud of the title. I was honored to be one of the first invited to this group, and I continue to be pleased with the efforts, discussions, and actions the founders put out there. If you find that you cannot stomach this type of advocacy, then maybe you are not a badass. If your goal is to disrupt this group by throwing us off task through your "disgust" of the name or because you feel your opinion is not valued, then maybe you are a Badapple. If that is the case, you probably do not want to be associated with the likes of the Badasses in this group.

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james boutin said...

Hi Mark.

Who are the founder?

In everything I've read, you seem to be named as the founder.