Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What the Badass Teachers Association Has Accomplished in the First Five Weeks of its Existence

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    The Badass Teachers Association has been very busy answering the assaults on Public Education. Here is a list of what we have done in the short month and a half we have been in existence. We are 23,000 strong and ready to call out people who are trying to destroy public education. We have been tweeting, calling, emailing, and using Facebook blitzing to do the following:
    Action 1 – We called, tweeted, and emailed for the removal of Arne Duncan
    Action 2 – We created State BATs so that we could organize by state and address specific state issues. We have all the states in the union covered
    Action 3 – We blitzed the NEA about their support of Common Core during RA in Atlanta and we had BATs at the RA draft an amendment to end support of CC
    Action 4 – We had a 911 Action that asked Duncan to intervene in Philly per request from Diane Ravitch and Randi Weingarten.
    Action 5 – We rolled out our House of Cards Series which will expose corporate deformers in a series of videos about all they are doing to Public Education; The introduction episode gave a summary of the hoax that they are perpetrating that public education is broken and we exposed Bill Gates for supporting agenda’s that are harming public education.
    Action 6 – We conducted a 911 Action for the Reauthorization of ESEA; specifically calling for conditions such as ending HST, removing CCSS, and to stop tying students tests scores to teacher evaluations.
    Action 7 – House of Cards Series Episode 1 – Calling out Eli Broad and the Broad Foundation for supporting agenda’s that are harming public education. Specifically training Superintendents to close schools and publishing a manual to close schools.
    Action 8 – 911 Action against Rahm Emanuel for Chicago Teacher layoffs.
    Action 9 – House of Cards Series Episode 2 – Asking for a reinvestigation into DC Schools Cheating Scandal and requesting Michelle Rhee be brought up on charges for her role in the cover up.
    Action 10 – 911 Action against TFA being placed in Chicago schools as teachers are laid off, NC ending tenure and supporting vouchers, and TN for highly qualified teacher amendment.
    From BTA Co-Founder, Long Island Teacher and Parent Marla Massey Kilfoyle

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