Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Fordham Alum Comments on How the University has Changed Since the 1970's

Being asked to describe the difference between the Fordham of 1975 to the Fordham of 2015 ,to those in a position to make significant change , was unexpectedly an emotional one. As I answered tough questions which required specific detailed examples, I had to walk through my experience and relationships with not only fellow students,friends and faculty, but the community which Fordham had created for us on and off campus. I lived on campus, worked on campus, participated in social events on and off campus, as we felt as though we were one big family with mutual respect .
As a Biology major,I recall my professors, having an open door policy and were interested in not only your grade,but who you were as a person.My job working with students in local high schools as tutor counselor was because of a program on Fordhams campus,The first Physician assistant I ever met, practiced at an office on the Grand Concourse, where I worked on
Saturdays .I went on to gain invaluable experience about this profession and made friends with the late Dr Milton Reisch and his wife a PA , until his death a few years ago . My challenging Biology degree was reinforced by everything Fordham introduced, exposed and taught us on and off campus . Our education was rich as a result of all of the components which made up the Fordham community.
As I spoke, a senior student present at the meeting looked at me in awe, mentioning that she wished that she had that experience,while the freshman disclosed that she has considered transferring given some of the incidents she experienced .
One thing is clear-something very important and valuable has been lost over time at Fordham We as alumni, faculty, students, and friends of the Fordham community must remain energized, vigilant and intolerant of those things which have blemished the University,as there is so much which could be created out of these opportunities to dialogue with each other , with administration and with the community .‪#‎zerotolerance‬