Saturday, February 10, 2018

On The Spousal Abusers in the White House

Sexual and physical abuse is something which crosses lines of class and race and ideology- it is not something that can be placed at the feet of any one occupational group or political party. Nevertheless, it is telling that two high level figures in the Trump White House who were close to the President, first Steve Bannon and now Rob Porter, had a record of physical abuse of spouses.
I do not think this is accidental. I strongly believe that the way men approach power in all aspects of their lives spills over into how they deal with women, both those they are in professional or personal relationships with, and those they meet in random encounters. If you create a culture at your workplace where weakness is despised, strength is exalted, and compassion is seen as the province of fools, as Mr Trump apparently does, you are likely to attract people who apply those principles to their personal lives.
I have often said that if Donald Trump is to be neutralized and discredited, it will not be Russia that will be his downfall, but his attitudes towards and relationships with women. Surrounding himself with spousal abusers is one part of a disturbing pattern of cynical behavior towards women that reflects a worldview which transforms all individuals and groups perceived as “weak” into objects of contempt. Most people, if they thought about this pattern honestly, would be very uncomfortable having a person with such views as their leader, whether in their community or the nation.
Donald Trump may well complete his first full term in office, but the toxic features of his leadership style are gradually getting exposed in ways which will permanently tarnish his Presidency

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Unknown said...

As the essay typer I would also add that the effects of severe domestic abuse also affects immediate neighbors, friends and family and is often overlooked. When one does try to intervene and help too often they too become the target of the abuser and sometimes even of the victim who will also attack the very people who try to give assistance. This is why domestic calls are so dangerous for law enforcement. Unfortunately, it's always the children who seem to suffer most. Another aspect of abuse that has recently come to light for me is the insidious abuse, usually manipulation and verbal abuse, that people take from those they consider friends or acquaintances or from social groups. It makes me so sad that there is so much abuse and bullying in America. I don't have answers, I just hope somehow we as a progressive society can somehow overcome it