Saturday, February 3, 2018

School Troubles In DC

The DC School scandal, as Jeff Canady has been telling us for years, involves multiple levels of tragedy other than manipulation of test scores
First, it was accompanied by, and made possible, by the removal of hundreds of the city’s most dedicated veteran teachers, the majority of them Black, with devastating consequences for the DC Black community as well as students in DC schools.
Second, it has accelerated and promoted the gentrification of DC neighborhoods, leading to the forced migration of tens of thousands of Black DC residents into nearby suburbs such as Prince George County, a process that some call “demographic inversion” and others call “ethnic cleansing”
Third, it has promoted a false narrative of educational transformation which has led to the spreading of the DC model of teacher firings and charterizarion to other cities, with equally devastating consequences.
Whatever you call what happened in DC- and Jeff Canady uses the term “eugenics” - it is a devastating indictment of the test driven, teacher bashing model of education policy that had swept through the nation in the last 15 years