Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Why the Wrath of Middle Class Mothers Will Neutralize the NRA- A Lesson From Common CORE

One of the reasons why the Common Core Standards failed- despite their support from powerful politicians and foundations- is that they targeted middle and upper middle income school districts where parents were happy with their child's education as well as high poverty districts where parents were dissatisfied with schools. As word got around about the amount of testing the Standards required, middle class parents, especially middle class mothers, became convinced that their children were having their joy in learning smothered to make them guinea pigs in a huge national experiment. Thus aroused, they helped build a huge opt out movement that ultimately forced politicians, even those who had taken contributions from wealthy supporters like Bill Gates, to back away from the standards. The wrath of middle class mothers proved more powerful than Billionaire dollars.
Now something similar is about to happen with gun regulation. Up to the present, the NRA has been able to prevent any effort to limit access to assault records from gaining political tradition, But the massacre at Margery Stoneman Douglass High School, an elite upper middle class public high school, has changed the equation. Middle class parents throughout the country now feel that THEIR children are in grave danger from unstable people possessing assault weapons. And they will respond the same way they did when they saw uncontrolled testing threaten their children. They will organize and mobilize until something is done to restore their sense of security in their children's safety and well being. In the face of their wrath, the NRA's money and political muscle will shrink in significance in a way once impossible to imagine
The wrath of middle class mothers will take the NRA down a notch the way it did Common Core Supporters like Eli Broad and Bill Gates.

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