Friday, February 16, 2018

Sad Thoughts on a Friday Morning

As I walked through the Fordham campus this morning in early dawn, I thought about the beauty of the place as well as the wonderful students and colleagues I have encountered here over the years and was filled with a warm feeling.
And then I thought of something. What if the teachers who worked at Douglass High School in Parkland Florida felt the same way about their school as I did mine? After this shooting, they will never feel this way again. Images of blood and death and trauma will always invade their thoughts when they come to work.
As my heart went out to them, i realized this could happen at Fordham. It could happen anywhere. We are all vulnerable. The beauty we are surrounded with could be taken away in an instant.
Which is why we must not only show solidarity with the teachers, students and families in Parkland, we must try to do something about the conditions which make tragedies like this all too normal in our country,
There is time for mourning. There is time for tears. But eventually, there has to be a time for action.

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