Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Brief Education Manifesto

We need kids to learn auto repair , electronics, construction trades, computer and air conditioning repair, airline mechanics, food production and preparation, urban agriculture and aquaculture-- along with test taking skills. The one size fits all college professional school model works for some- but this other track has to be cultivated too 

Building school around test taking skills is an unmitigated disaster in the Bronx- we have recess and gym being used for test prep in communities which have the highest obesity rates in the nation.

I am all for re-imagining schools- but not through testing and preparing everyone for college. College today is no panacea. Many people leave it with huge loans and limited job prospects.

Cognitive development yes--relentless testing and college prep for all- no

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Unknown said...

I think the key phrase in this writing is "re-imagining" schools. I feel we are way beyond school reform. We are headed in the total wrong direction. I think more attention should be given to the Progressive Education Movement. The public is afraid of this model because it is often misunderstood and assumes that the children can do whatever they please. No homework and no grades does not mean there is no education or learning.