Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Solidarity With Chicago.-Protest Teach for America

Solidarity with Chicago- Protest Against Teach for America

Today, teachers across the nation are thinking about Chicago, where Rahm Emmanuel announced that he plans to open 52 new charter schools staffed by Teach for America Corps members in a city where 50 public schools have just been closed. This is a declaration of war on teachers, students, and hard pressed neighborhoods, and a throwback to the ugly years before the Great Depression when union busting was the American Way. Teachers who care about justice, and our many allies will fight this with every organizational weapon at our disposal. We will shine the bright light of publicity on the main players in this disgraceful drama- Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and TFA Founder Wendy Kopp-as well as Education Secretary Arne Duncan- and participate in and organize demonstrations at their headquarters, but we will also ask those with direct connections to these organizations to take other actions. Current and former TFA Corps members- mobilize among your cohort to protest the Chicago strategy of the TFA leadership. Faculty members at major universities, organize your colleagues to refuse to let TFA recruit in your classes. This is WAR.

Teach for America has become the 21st Century Version of the Pinkerton Agency
Solidarity with the Teachers and Children of Chicago is the Appropriate Response

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