Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Contradiction at the Heart of Corporate School Reform- That NBC's "Education Nation" Ignore

Corporate Education Reformers want teachers to be scripted, monitored, and continuously evaluated to assure their performance is up to standard. They also want to radically improve the quality of the nation's teaching force. Unfortunately, the first goal-- which they are well on their way to achieving- totally undermines the second! Talented people will NOT work under minute and humiliating scrutiny. Under the new regime, great teachers are leaving the profession much faster than they are entering it! This is a contradiction that will never be discussed on NBC's Education Nation, which systematically excludes any teachers voices, much less those who will tell the harsh truth about the catastrophe that has befallen public education in the US.


Unknown said...

So true! Trying to think how to convince my Democratic, highly educated governor to realize this.

Unknown said...

Proof: almost every teacher who has written a book about their experiences in public school classrooms has left the profession.

In concert with this, the visual of closing schools and marching children across the Brooklyn Bridge today to rally and chant ... Historically speaking - is anyone else seeing parallels? Uncomfortable ones?

Let charter schools be held to the same rules as public schools.

Allow students to become lifelong opposed to data points and widgets and now, marching units.