Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Tale of Teacher ( and Student) Abuse from Upstate New York

Hello, just read your post about teacher abuse. I'm always putting students first, but wanted to share something. I work in a semi-urban elementary school in ........ Last year was one of the worst years I ever had. Many students were dealing with serious family issues or mental problems. It was bad. My heart felt like it was coming out of my chest. My dr. Put me on some anxiety meds. It helped. The year got better for various reasons and i weaned myself off the meds. The week after the test many students were behaving very poorly. again family or severe ADD and mental problems. It was at this time in the year I drove home each day sobbing. The stress of the tests, common core, teaching with boring materials, Pearson's Reading Street and the dreadful GO Math really gets to you. Ii also discovered that three other teachers in my building were on meds because of the stress. How many others out there are seeking help to deal with the incredible stress placed on teachers right now. I bet it is more than we could ever imagine. The rigorous curriculum is turning kids off to learning. It is dry boring! Just wanted to share a personal story. Feel free to share anything I said to discuss the high level of anxiety in teachers. Just don't use my name:) Have a great day! One day at a time!!!!!

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