Monday, September 16, 2013

The BATS- Shadowing The Ed Deformers Every Step of the Way

Corporate Education Reform is filled with opportunists. We have Governors Chris Cristie and Andrew Cuomo, right across the Hudson River from one another, one Republican, the other a Democrat, each hoping it provides the formula to take them to the White House. We have Michelle Rhee, Stever Perry and Wendy Kopp, each using attacks on teachers and teachers unions to elevate them to national prominence and allow them to command large speaking fees. We have Pearson and Rupert Murdoch standing make a fortune from testing and data sharing. BATS are here to spoil their party. To hound them and challenge them every step of the way when they sacrifice students and teachers to their ambitions. We plan to be their worst nightmare- teachers motivated by love for their students  who will turn into their shadow,being loud and present where ever and whenever they plan to expand their influence. More BATS, more trouble for those who seek to profit from other's misery.

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