Friday, November 1, 2013

How to Know if You are A BAT

Although This is an amazing organization, and there are more than 31,000 of us, not everyone could, or should be a BAT. Here are a few simple ways to determine whether you, or some one you are trying to recruit, belong in this group:

You are the only one in your school to speak up at faculty meetings
( although many people who remained silent come up to you afterward to tell you how happy they are you did)

You tell administrators at your school what you really think, not what they want to hear

Your colleagues come to you constantly with problems with the administration that they afraid to raise themselves

You go so BAT S..t crazy when someone makes a snide comment about teachers at dinners and parties that your spouse or significant other threatens to leave you

You are the first one students come to when they need a letter of recommendation, money for carfare or lunch, or a place to stay when they are kicked out of the house

You get wedding invitations from students who last had you in class 10 or 20 years ago.

Do those work for you? If you have others, please feel free to add them!

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