Tuesday, November 12, 2013

On Today's Protest Against NY Ed Commissioner King at Ward Melville HS


Woke up this morning in a GREAT MOOD, ready to join THOUSANDS of Long Island parents, teachers and students at 5:45 protesting another closed forum sponsored by NY Ed Commissioner John King at Ward Melville HS in East Setauket. Since Commissioner King seems constitutionally incapable of actually listening to parents, teachers and principals, I doubt if this demonstration will have any immediate effect on State Education policy, but it will send a powerful message to elected officials that King and Regents Chair Merryl Tisch need to go; and if those politicians don't listen, will lead to a Test Revolt and Opt Out movement of EPIC PROPORTIONS next spring. Equally important, this demonstration, which is likely to be quite large, will give a shot in the arm to people all over the nation fighting the insane tests and assessments that have descended upon the nations public schools

There will be pictures and videos forthcoming- and maybe someone will even live-stream the rally. As for me, it's a chance to reconnect with heroes of the Long Island Test Revolt from last April, as well as meet new heroes who have stepped forward this fall!!

History is being made, once again, on Long Island!!! Join us if you can. Root for us if you can't!

Here is a little rap I wrote for today's protest

 I’ve got a message for Commissioner King
Whose policies are driven by Corporate Bling
Because your tests have sanctioned child abuse
A Sleeping Giant is now on the loose
Of parents and teachers who’ve had enough
Of officials who feed at Pearson’s trough
We’re rising back to take back our schools
From State officials who treat us like fools
Our cry is resounding  through the entire nation

It’s time for the Commissioner’s resignation.

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