Friday, November 8, 2013

While Diane Ravitch Recovers, the BATS will Carry on Her Work

As we all hope and pray for Diane Ravitch's full recovery, let us take a moment to contemplate what with her full and enthusiastic support, this group has accomplished. In five short months, we have built an organization that has as much, or more public presence, as any Astro-Turf school reform organization funded by billionaires, and a lot more grassroots support. And the best is yet to come. Our July 28 Teachers March on Washington will send a powerful message to elected officials around the country that using teachers as punching bags and selling off our public schools to the highest bidder carries a steep political price. 

So lets take a deep breath, make sure we take care of ourselves- because none of us are Superwoman or Superman-and get back to work.

Diane. We love you! BATS will carry on your legacy, and bring life to your ideas. Count on it!!!

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