Saturday, November 2, 2013

Six Debating Points for CCSS Opponents

1. CCCS and the tests created to comply with them, cost money, and take money away from things that make school enjoyable and exciting like art, music, hands on science, and physical education. Worse yet, the money they removes go into the hands of for profit test companies 2. They discriminate against huge groups of children for whom the standards are developmentally inappropriate, especially ELL students, students with special needs, and children growing up in poverty. 3 They promote a one size all approach to curriculum and schools , undermining the investment in vocational and technical programs that we desperately need
4 They will cause local school taxes to rise exponentially after September 2015 when Race to the Top Funds appropriated to support the standards revert to the US Treasury
5. The pressures imposed by rapid, forced imposition of the standards, without debate or discussion, is breaking the spirit of our students and teachers
6. They are causing strife within families as the homework assignments associated with the CORE are ones students have difficulty coping with and most parents are unfamiliar with

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Russ Walsh said...


I would add that they are developmentally inappropriate for children in grades K-3 and may actually serve to widen the achievement gap. As I discussed here.