Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Atlanta Cheating Scandals and Eva Moskowitz Success Academies 2 Sides of the same Coin

If you think about it, the Atlanta Cheating Scandas ( which are just the tip of the Iceberg) and the rapid rise to prominence of Eva Moskowitz "Success Academies" (which have become the education model of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo) each represent logical responses to the insane pressure to raise test scores which followed in the wake of No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top.

One way to deal with these pressures was to give policy makers the test scores they wanted by having teachers and administrators put in correct answers on the tests

Another was to adopt a routine of behavior modification and intimidation straight out of a Charles Dickens workhouse to get students to produce the right answers.

You decide which is worse- Cheating or Child Abuse.

That we have come to this is telling testimony of the absurdity of annointing raising test scores as the nation's primary anti-poverty strategy and its path to restoring Global Economic Competitiveness

It is also why Test Resistance is one of the fasting growing grass roots movements in the nation.


Unknown said...

How did the teachers and administrators get the right answers? These tests are so convoluted I can't imagine even trying to guess at the answers those sick-minded test makers might be looking for.

Kuldeep said...

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