Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Test Revolt Day in New York State! THIS is What Democracy Looks Like!

Today's the Day. New York! Let's show the country and the world what the biggest Test Refusal in History looks like! Andrew Cuomo, the Legislature, and the Regents thought they could ignore our voices, but the parents, students and teachers of this state are going to show them that the real power to shape our schools comes from the people. And what is our power?. The power to refuse. To deny them the data. To prevent them from using our children as pawns..200,000 Test Refusers is not out of reach 250,000 is possible.. The one Brooklyn school I know best, which had less than 30 Refusers last year, will have over 230 this year. And pattern is being repeated throughtout the state from the big cities to the suburbs to the small towns. It crosses party lines. it shatters ideological boundaries. And when the day is over, a big message will have been sent, not only to Andrew Cuomo and his minions, but to every would be Presidential candidate in 2016- ignore the Test Rebellion at your peril.

Good luck parents. Good luck children. Good luck teachers
Your bravery is inspiring a Nation.

THIS is what Democracy looks like!