Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Sociopathic Elite that Controls Education Policy- Guest Post by a New Jersey Teacher

People kill for money. The sociopaths that are set to profit from "education reform" are of the same mindset as those that lied us into thinking Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and killed hundreds of thousands of people in order to profit. They are of the same mindset as those that deny climate change in order to sell oil, or those that "frack" and create TV ads that talk about "safe hydraulic fracturing". This is the same group that charged cheating teachers in Atlanta with racketeering and destroyed those teachers lives. They have no remorse, they do not suffer guilt as a majority of people would. They lie, cheat, steal, ruin lives and even murder to reach their goal of power and profit. These are also the same people that have been militarizing our police forces and privatizing both police forces and jails. In our assessment of this situation we must include all of that and more. In the upcoming election, the current Republican positions about Common Core should not be confused with taking the side of those against ed reform. The republicans still answer to the same group of sociopaths that created ed reform. As do the Democrats in large numbers. The number of "moving parts" in this grab for power includes Pearson, the Governors association, Gates, the Waltons, the Koch Brothers, A.L.E.C., hedge fund managers, hundreds of thousands of teachers, parents, BOEs, Administrators as well as things I missed and haven't thought of. At the bottom of all of it, is an unquenchable thirst for money and power by people with no soul. That group is the "sociopathic elite". Massive numbers of good folk around the country must come to the realization that they must rebel to protect their children.

by Alec Shantzis